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¿Cómo se utilizan los filtros en la bombilla de mate?

How are the filters used in the mate bulb?

Optimizing your matte experience: How to use filters in your light bulb

For those who enjoy this yerba mate infusion, the quality of the experience can largely depend on the details, including proper preparation. One of those details is the use of filters in the bulb, which not only improve the mate drinking experience, but can also facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Here I will guide you through the steps to use filters on your mate bulb effectively.

Step 1: Insert the filter into the bulb

The first step is to place the filter inside the bulb. The filters are designed to fit perfectly over the bulb, so that they create a barrier between the yerba mate and the liquid, preventing the mate leaves from passing through the bulb and reaching the drinker's mouth.

To insert the filter, simply slide it gently into the bulb until it is securely in place.

Step 2: Insert a flange for closure

Once the filter is in place, it's time to secure it. This is achieved by inserting a zip tie around the bulb, near the end where the filter is. The flange acts as a locking mechanism, keeping the filter in place and preventing it from sliding or shifting while drinking mate.

Step 3: Cut the excess flange

With the flange securing the filter in place, excess flange length may remain. To prevent this from interfering with the mate drinking experience, simply cut off the excess flange with scissors.

It is important to ensure that the flange is cut as close to the bulb as possible to prevent it from sticking out and causing discomfort when drinking.

Step 4: Ready to enjoy!

Once these steps are completed, the filter will be correctly installed in your mate bulb and ready to use. Now you can fill your mate with yerba mate, pour hot water over it, and enjoy your drink with the peace of mind of knowing that the filter is doing its job to provide you with a smooth, residue-free mate experience.

In short, using filters in your mate bulb is a simple practice that can significantly improve your mate drinking experience. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your equipment is properly set up to enjoy a perfect brew every time. Health!